Hyena is the future.

Listen up, people! There's a new AI sheriff in town.

Fact: Hyena is the future. It's a new AI technology developed by Stanford and MILA that's going to make GPT-4 look like a child's toy. It's a lean, mean, data-processing machine that can handle massive amounts of data without breaking a sweat. While GPT-4 is busy running out of memory and crying for help, Hyena is achieving similar accuracy with 100 times less compute power. It's like a predator hunting for miles and miles, devouring data and transforming it into answers. Quadratic complexity? Not a problem for Hyena. It's breaking barriers and opening up new possibilities for deep learning. So, while the world is still obsessing over ChatGPT, I'm keeping my eyes on Hyena. It's the alpha of the AI pack. End of story.

Fun Times Ahead